Plentiful Pulp

Have you ever really looked at the vibrant colors of the pulp that is produced from from juicing fruits and vegetables? As I was juicing today I was drawn in to the colors of the first two vegetables I juiced – beets and carrots. The stark differences between the beet’s deep, rich maroon and the carrot’s orange glow jumped out at me. I stopped and just stared at it. How can I just throw this pulp away?

Federal Panel Urging Lower Lead Cutoff

We all know that there’s no such thing as a safe level of lead in the body – adult or child. Now a federal panel is urging the government to lower the lead poisoning level threshold in children. Considered to be long overdue, many groups are celebrating this recent news that will help diagnose lead poisoning in children. The not so good news is that with cutbacks it’s going to be challenging to implement these changes.