Need Holiday Gift Giving Ideas?

Need some good holiday gift giving ideas this year? Think ‘green’, ‘good health’, ‘local business’, and ‘healing’. I don’t know about you, but as I get older (and given the state of the economy) I want to give gifts that have both personal meaning as well as ones that will help promote local businesses.

As I go through my holiday list, I realized I have more folks this year requesting things that will ease stress and will help them regain some good health.

Some ideas I came up with that may be useful for the folks on your list too:

Stress Reducers – there are a variety of ways people like to reduce stress, so personalize it according to their preferences. For those needing a time out, think gift certificates for spa sessions or massage therapy, and healing music CDs (or iTunes certificate so they can pick their own), gift checks to have someone clean the home. Offer to babysit for children so parents can get a break.

Healthy Cooking – Juicers or magic bullet blenders, dehydrators, cook books, local cooking classes. Another great choice is a gift check to a local healthy restaurant.

Exercise Options – Pedometers or heart rate monitors, a series of personal training, yoga or dance lessons.

Health Products and Memberships – Certificates for ‘green’ dry cleaning, natural products, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership.

Nature and Pet Lovers - A year’s membership to Morton Arboretum or bird and animal feeders for the back yard. Gift certificates to local natural pet stores.

Personal Time – For the person who has everything and who could use some company – homemade coupons for quality time spent with you.

Get creative, think about what your loved ones could use, and use local businesses where possible. It’s a win-win gift solution for all!