Do After-the-Holiday Blues Bring You Down?

I for one wish the holidays lasted longer – by the time I’m able to sit down and just relax into the festivities they’re GONE. For many of us we can be ridiculously happy in the days leading up to the parties and gatherings, and the day after we suddenly don’t want to get out of bed and face the day.

Yes Virginia, There Really ARE Healthy Holiday Foods!

Don’t want to feel like the health freak at holiday festivities? Tired of being singled out as being the ‘one’ who spoils the party by not indulging in large amounts of sugar, cheese, creamy salads and rich desserts? Been accused of giving someone the ‘look’ as they bite into a jelly-filled pastry when you know they’re on a diet?

Energizing Immune-Building Juice of the Day

When I woke up today all I could think about was making a juice that was both tasty and good for the immune system, specifically something to help support my lymphatics. As always, much was dependent on what I actually had in the refrigerator which changes from day to day, but when I got there, a number of things jumped out at me.