Calcium Food Sources

When I think of calcium in foods, I always think animal products first, like milk and ice cream and cheese. But lately I’ve been watching my animal product intake, so I’m looking more to the plant kingdom to meet my calcium needs (although I do love raw plain yogurt or kefir with locally made honey drizzled over the top, or a bit of berry or vanilla stevia blended in).

Toxic Household Products Data Base

Want to learn more about what’s lingering in your household products? Learn what’s healthy, what’s not, and safety measures you can take when handling certain products.

This site covers just about everything from home to personal products, automotive, pesticides, yard care and everything in between!

Check it out and bookmark for future reference!

Toxic Hair Dyes

Not many people embrace their gray hair as they age (especially women)! Just as many people may not realize how many toxic chemicals are in most hair dyes either. While the jury is still out on whether or not hair dyes, especially the darker shades, are carcinogenic and directly contribute to certain cancers and make autoimmune conditions in the body worse, why take any risks?