The Myers’ Cocktail is an IV push of vitamin and minerals designed to treat a variety of conditions. The original Meyers cocktail IV is based on the work of the late John Myers, MD and was further modified and popularized by Dr. Alan R. Gaby, MD. By delivering nutrients to the body intravenously, absorption is 100%. The digestive system is eliminated, which can be impaired in its ability to absorb nutrients from food and supplements. The Meyers’s Cocktail consists of magnesium, calcium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C and has been found to be effective against such conditions as:


Acute Asthmatic Attacks


Fatigue including chronic fatigue syndrome


Acute muscle spasm

Upper respiratory tract infections

Chronic sinusitis

Seasonal allergic rhinitis

Cardiovascular disease

Narcotic withdrawal

Chronic hives


Menstrual cramps and PMS

It is also used by many athletes to enhance their athletic performance before competition and to help recover post competition. The IV cocktail is administered as an intravenous push over approximately 15 to 20 minutes.