Useful Resources

There are a rapidly growing number of health related web sites on the Internet today. To help you sort through the confusion we've assembled a list of sites we feel are useful and meet our high standards. Just as the Internet is expanding, this directory will too. We suggest you bookmark this page and refer to it often!


A.C.A.M. American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) IV nutrient /chelation practitioners

Eastern Healing Acupuncture, Peter Harvey, Lac, located at Oaktree Wellness Center 

Midwest Hyperbaric Institute Hyperbaric oxygen therapy


Healthy Living

Local Harvest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), locally grown organic food 

Genesis Growers Dr. Tom and Lisa's favorite CSA

Eat Wild Map for local sources of humanely raised meat products

Environmental Working Group Environmental Working Group, great enviro-friendly sites



Mother Earth Living formerly Natural Home Magazine, eco-friendly home/garden information

The Green Guide Newsletter Green Guide newsletter, newsletter on living green

Nutrition Action Newsletter Nutrition Action Newsletter, info on everyday foods



American Associaton of Naturopathic Physicians American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, national association for accredited NDs

Bastyr Bastyr University, accredited naturopathic education