Traditional Hot Dogs Under Fire?

Who didn’t love hot dogs in their younger days (the meatier the better)? Too bad at the time we didn’t realize they were loaded with dioxins (a term used to describe 100s of cancer-causing chemicals), not to mention sulfites, food dyes and a truckload of preservatives! Americans love their hot dogs at sporting events (even more so at those hot dog eating contests)!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning on publishing updated information on what are considered to be ‘acceptable’ levels of dioxins in the human body.

With the new guidelines, a traditional hot dog would be considered toxic to a 2-year old. This won’t be good news for those who have come to love eating hot dogs on a regular basis for the last number of decades. For the latest news on dioxin levels check out the following:

Food Politics – Toxins and Dioxin

And if you can’t be without that occasional hot dog smothered in everything, healthier choices might be ones made of organic chicken, turkey or beef with no added chemicals, as well as vegan and tofu dogs.