Hemorrhoid Treatment in Wheaton and the Chicago Area

Dr. Tom Drost, MD, ND, FACS is a General Surgeon specializing in the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids, as well as anal fissures and other sources of rectal bleeding.

Hemorrhoids are painful, and some find it difficult to discuss they have this problem. But guess what? Millions of people suffer from them for a variety of reasons!

Anal fissures are extremely common and typically involve rectal pain, blood in the stool, and may be a sign of another health problem.

Recently opening the doors to our Midwest Colorectal Health clinic, located in the same office suite as Oaktree Wellness Center and HCG Chicago in Wheaton, IL, Dr. Tom is utilizing the most modern technology, the hemorrhoid banding treatment, to safely, effectively, and quickly relieve patients of rectal pain.

For questions regarding hemorrhoid treatment, hemorrhoid banding, anal fissures or other rectal pain, please call us at (630) 871-1800 to schedule a consult with Dr. Tom.

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Don’t suffer needlessly from rectal pain – we can help you feel better in no time!