Do After-the-Holiday Blues Bring You Down?

I for one wish the holidays lasted longer – by the time I’m able to sit down and just relax into the festivities they’re GONE. For many of us we can be ridiculously happy in the days leading up to the parties and gatherings, and the day after we suddenly don’t want to get out of bed and face the day.

What happened? Referred to sometimes as the post-holiday blues, getting back into the daily routines after the holiday celebrations brings an element of sadness with it.

This feeling of sadness can be dealt with, but it may take a bit of planning. Part of the feeling is related to the fact that we completed all the tasks leading up to the holidays and feel there’s nothing to look forward to. What we need to do is plan activities after the holiday and focus on different things when the party is over.

Some ways to beat the blues:

If you received gift certificates you won’t be needing, donate them to a local family shelter who can use them. Or, use the certification and drop the purchased goods off at the shelter.

Rescue an animal, or help walk them at the local shelter. The animals will appreciate the attention and your soul will thank you.

Get the Clutter Out! I’ve been doing this for months, but in the last few days after Christmas, we’ve gotten tons of ‘stuff’ out of the crawlspace and into boxes to be picked up by a variety of organizations. And WOW does this make the house feel good!

Keep the games and puzzles going. In our house we like to do a nice puzzle during the holidays. We use to start it on Christmas day, but now we do them close to New Year’s Day.

Plan NOW for what the new year will bring. Make lists of your goals for the year, and think about classes you may want to take. Say goodbye to relationships that no longer fulfill you or bring you down. All of these will shift your energy into a place of positivity.

Mix up your exercise routine – add something new this year. If walking is your thing, add a bit of jogging to your daily miles (just make sure you have the proper shoes to do this). Or add weight lifting, or pilates, yoga or dance. Even just one night a week can shift your mood and your body will love you for it!

Most of all, take time out of every single day to just be quiet – in a chair, bathtub, on the floor, it doesn’t matter. Take 5 minutes, deep breathe, appreciate all the good in your life, and say thank you out loud for family, friends, and continued blessings. The upcoming year is going to be wonderful…..