What is the Therapeutic Order?

The therapeutic order is the basic approach that naturopathic physicians use to guide their patients to wellness. They begin with least force and move to more invasive measures as necessary.

1) Re-establish the basis for health
Remove obstacles to cure by establishing a healthy regimen.

2) Stimulate the healing power of nature
Use various systems of health such as botanicals, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition, psychospiritual.

3) Tonify weakened systems
Use modalities to strengthen the immune system, decrease toxicity, normalize inflammatory function, optimize metabolic function, balance regulatory systems, enhance regeneration, harmonize life forces.

4) Correct structural integrity
Use therapeutic exercise, spinal manipulation, massage, cranial-sacral to return to optimal structural condition.

5) Prescribe specific natural substances for pathology
Use vitamins, minerals, and herbs to promote health.

6) Prescribe pharmacological substances for pathology
Use pharmaceutical drugs to return to health.

7) Prescribe surgery, suppressive drugs, radiation and chemotherapy
Use aggressive therapies to attempt to maintain health.