HCG Weight Loss

HCG Body Balancing Weight Loss Program  

Oaktree Wellness Center, through its sister company HCG Chicago, offers patients an effective weight loss program through the use of low dose HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in combination with a specific calorie-restricted diet to release abnormal fat and help return the body to a healthy state.

What is HCG?

HCG is a naturally produced hormone-like protein that women’s body produce in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients re delivered to the developing baby. Prescription HCG is traditionally used in fertility treatments and can also be used for treating undescended testicles in adolescent males.

At Oaktree Wellness Center, we use pharmaceutical grade HCG in our weight loss program in low daily doses along with a 500 calorie per day diet of specific foods to help patients lose unwanted fat. Although patients are only ingesting 500 calories, the remaining calories necessary for daily energy needs are liberated from fat stores. Using HCG, as opposed to only a very low calorie diet without HCG, helps to ensure the body is burning unwanted fat stores, rather than muscle.

How does the HCG Body Balancing Program work?

Patients begin the HCG Weight Loss program with a consultation with Dr. Thomas Drost, MD. Dr. Drost reviews the patient’s past medical and health history, explains the HCG program and its benefits and evaluates whether HCG Weight Loss program is best choice for each patient. After their consultation with Dr. Tom, the patient meets with the HCG coach for each phase of the program. The coach provides guidance, encouragement and support. The HCG Body Balancing Program at Oaktree Wellness Center consists of four phases to assist patients in reaching their goal of losing weight and restoring health.

Phase 1 Detox

Although this phase is not a requirement, we STRONGLY encourage patients to detox for four weeks before beginning HCG in phase 2. In our experience at Oaktree Wellness Center, patients that detox before beginning the HCG are much more successful in the program overall. We believe this phase helps prepare patients both mentally and physically for phase 2 weight loss. In this phase, patients learn skills for diet and lifestyle that they are able to use for a lifetime. During Phase 1, patients will be provided with specific supplements to enhance cleansing of their body of unwanted toxins. In addition, there are specific modifications made to the daily diet, though this phase of the weight loss program is not calorie restricted. Water requirements and exercise are also discussed. This is a vital part of the HCG Body Balancing Weight Loss Program, as it starts patients on the path to eating in a healthier way and prepares the body for HCG to make it as effective as possible.

Phase 2 Fat Loss

During this phase, patients will begin using low dose HCG daily as either intramuscular injections or sublingual pills. Patients on the 23 day program typically lose 12-15 pounds and on the 40 day program lose 20-25 pounds of fat. Patients are on a restricted, wholesome food diet of 500 calories of very specific meat, vegetables and fruit. The remaining caloric needs for daily living come from fat stores.

Phase 3 Lock In

This is the “lock-in” period, where the body adjusts to the patient’s new weight and metabolism. Patients begin re-introducing certain foods back into the diet and will remain in this phase for three weeks. If the patient has not reached their weight loss goal, they can stay in Phase 3 for three additional weeks before beginning Phase 2 again.

Phase 4 Maintenance

This is final step to learning how to keep the weight off. During this phase, patients are counseled on what and how to eat going forward to maintain their weight loss. This portion provides guidance in maintaining a healthy life style.

What’s Included in the HCG Body Balancing Program?

The HCG Body Balancing Program at Oaktree Wellness Center includes an initial consultation with Dr. Thomas Drost, MD, four meetings with the HCG coach at the onset of each phase of the weight loss program, all detox supplements (if the patient chooses to do a detox), the HCG Chicago HCG Weight Loss Manual, pharmaceutical grade HCG and supplies, and daily email coaching support as needed.

To learn more about our HCG Body Balancing Weight Loss Program, please visit our sister site www.hcgchicago.com. We have been providing our HCG weight loss program to patients in Chicago and around the world for over 5 years and have helped over a thousand patients realize their dream of losing weight and beginning their journey to a healthy new life.

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