Call for an appointment to be screened: 630-871-8100

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete a screening questionnaire and a health history. These documents can be sent to you ahead of time by mail or Downloaded Here (.pdf format).



During your first visit, Dr. Drost will review your symptoms and your health history. A pertinent physical exam will be performed if needed. The procedure, risks, and alternatives to chelation therapy will be discussed and you will be given the appropriate consent forms to review prior to your next visit. Your blood will be drawn or you will be given a lab slip to have your blood drawn at any Quest Diagnostics lab prior to any heavy metal testing. If your doctor has completed bloodwork recently, copies may be obtained that make this step obsolete. A urine sample will also be collected at that time to check levels of heavy metals being excreted prior to being challenged.

If you have the appropriate lab testing (serum creatinine level/kidney function or additional appropriate tests depending on current medical conditions) performed within the past 3-6 months, the Challenge can be performed during the first visit. Prior to the challenge, you would need to review the consent forms and have any questions answered.



At this visit, all consent forms will be reviewed and any questions answered. Your consent forms will need to be signed prior to starting treatment. The IV nurse will administer a calculated dose of CaEDTA based on your weight, height, and kidney function intravenously (IV) and an oral dose (capsules) of either DMSA or DMPS will be given. This is what is considered a Challenge Test. The charge for your second visit is $210.00 plus $75 in lab fees. You will be given a container to collect your urine at home for the next 6 hours. A kit containing all material for urine collection, sampling, and mailing will be provided.



Once your results are received and reviewed by the doctor, you will receive a call from the staff to schedule a brief third visit. This visit will be to discuss the results and to develop an individual treatment plan that suits you best. This 15 minute visit can be in person or over the phone.

If you decide to receive IV CaEDTA treatments, you would come in for 1-2 hours once or twice per week for a total of 10-30 treatments. After every 10 treatments, you will be required to recheck kidney function by a blood draw. The Challenge is repeated with urine collection after every 10-15 treatments. The total number of treatments and frequency of Challenge Testing will be based upon the initial Challenge results and subsequent Challenge results. You will be required to have a follow-up office visit after every 10-15 treatments to discuss further treatment plans and lab results. This schedule is in compliance with established protocols and is for the safe and effective administration of chelation therapy.


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