Want to Stay Current with Laws and Protect Your Healthcare Rights?

Want to stay current with health laws and be part of the solution at the same time? Then the Alliance for National Health (ANH-USA) has you covered!

As part of an international organization, located in Washington, DC, the ANH-USA is committed to keeping you up to speed with current laws and protecting your access to integrative medicine. The ANH-USA is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization serving as voice of the public and its members regarding healthcare politics.

The ANH-USA’s main purpose is to promote freedom of personal healthcare choice, a constitutional right for the public, patients, and practitioners. They’ve been a critical part of the national paradigm shift providing science-based information guiding consumers from traditional medicine to a more integrative modality, allowing people to make the most informed decisions regarding healthcare.

If you would like to become a member of the ANH-USA, check out their website at www.anh-usa.org. There are different levels of membership, you can choose to make monetary donations (or not), as well as contribute in a number of other ways to show your support. Most importantly, by connecting with this organization you can be assured of being provided the most current information with healthcare, the food and environmental industries, and health law.

Get involved, stay informed, be part of the solution!