Tips for Dealing with Allergies and Asthma

Experts say allergies and asthma are particularly challenging right now, especially with molds. No need to curl up in bed until the first frost though – there’s help to ease the symptoms that accompany fall allergies.

Tips to Help Keep the Sneezes, Sniffles and Coughs at Bay
Use a neti pot! You can purchase these at health stores and local drugstores. They come with a saline solution you use to drain the sinuses. This not only clears the sinuses, but surprisingly can help with asthma too! Do once or twice a day.

Eye baths – these little glass cups are used to wash the eyes out. There are herbal solutions that can be used with them as well.

Wear a mask when working in the yard to help filter mold spores, ragweed and other allergens from entering your nasal and lung passages.

Wash pets fairly often. It’s often not their fur we’re allergic to, but the dander and allergens the fur attracts.

Get rid of carpets and stick to wood and tile flooring. Vacuum or sweep floors at least every 2 days (wear a mask when you do this as well).

Filter indoor air with purifiers and use dehumidifiers during peak allergy seasons.

Keep the air conditioning on in your car when traveling. As beautiful as the weather can be, keeping windows down means allergens enter your car.

Shower at the end of the day to wash allergens off your body and out of your hair. This will help you sleep easier.

Get acupuncture – Licensed Acupuncturists can also help you with making better food choices and offer you supplements to help support your body during allergy season.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet – low in grains, high in vegetables/fruits, lean proteins, and lots of pure water to flush out toxins. Peppermint tea has been known to help ease allergy symptoms.

Use supplemental support like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium, bee pollen, tumeric, cinnamon, quercetin, and stinging nettles.

Oaktree Wellness Is Here to Help You!
Oaktree Wellness offers a couple of options regarding treatment for out-of-control allergies and asthma. We carry a variety of the highest-grade supplements that are great for allergies and asthma!

We also offer the Myer’s Cocktail IV, and both short- and long-Vitamin C nutrient drips to help support your immune system. If you’re short on time the Myer’s Cocktail is the perfect choice (as well as low cost). IV therapy is a perfect choice to keep the symptoms at bay and counteract them when they arise. IV therapy is also good for headaches, body aches and low energy that sometimes accompany allergy and asthma.
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