Support Local Farmers Markets in Illinois

Summer season is finally here and that means getting to know our local farmer and experience some fresh eating! Laughing We’ve provided a link below to help you find the market closest to you. Just to go the site and enter in your city or zip code. It’s that easy.

Don’t make this shopping experience a quick one – when you get to the market, take your time, bring a cup of tea or coffee, and scan the aisles taking in the sight and smells of fresh produce. And don’t just stop at one, check a number of them out.

Take it from us, this is a fabulous experience to enjoy time and again from late May through October in many places. Worried about how to keep the produce freshest? Talk to the farmer or stand checkout folks – they’re usually very savvy when it comes to storing and canning produce.

It doesn’t matter if you like to shop for salads, snacking or juicing. Having produce for so many months throughout the year is so deliciously awesome we can hardly contain ourselves – we shop all of them in our immediate area!

Find Your Local Farmers Market