Oaktree Wellness Offers IV Nutrients

IV nutrient therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and other specific nutrients right into the bloodstream bypassing intestinal malabsorption, making it a great choice for anyone needing nutrition quickly. IV therapy is very safe, effective, and can be changed according to your particular health needs.

IV vitamin and mineral therapy also helps one attain increased cellular levels of critical nutrients which are ideal and very necessary for those with both chronic and acute conditions. IV nutrition has been shown to help with asthma and allergies, colds and flu, headaches (including migraine), cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, cancer, physical pain, diabetes, emotional distress like depression, and much more.

But IV nutrient therapy isn’t just for those with a chronic condition or coming down with the flu or a cold, they’re also used to enhance sports performance and improve on an already healthy body (anti-aging component) – more on these in a future blog!

The advantages of utilizing IV nutrient therapy is that it gets directly into the cells, bypasses absorption issues as well as the liver, balances nutritional levels in the body, and attains fast results.

Side effects associated with IV nutrient therapy may include minor irritation or bruising at the injection site or possible allergy to one of the vitamins or minerals (this is extremely rare).

For more information on our IV nutrient therapy, go to the www.oaktreewellness.com IV nutrient section, or give us a call at (630) 871-8100 to find out how you can start receiving the benefits of this marvelous therapy!