A new beginning

Here it is, July 6, 2020 five years since I last posted saying "I hope it is the first of many posts." It has been a very difficult five years especially my 9 yo daughter was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in November that year. A lot has happened and I truly feel like I have picked myself back up and need to be more dedicated to this blog and sharing my practice with others. My daughter had a horrible prognosis, however with efforts to use high dose Vitamin C etc. along with the traditional cancer protocol of chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, radiation therapy and immune therapy she is currently free of disease and ready to start high school this year. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on my practice as it has for most of Americans. Today started out difficult in that a patient I had seen almost two years ago called to have her records copied for her. She was unhappy with my services and did not have nice things to say about me. I had seen her once and it was well documented that she was happy with anything I did here, it was a short visit and she never came back. I chewed on this for several hours and it didn't take long to fall into self pity and feel sorry for myself."Why do I do this? It would be so much easier to just go work for a conventional group and write scripts and do what conventional practitioners do. Come in do your work, get a steady paycheck, benefits, no office hassles, paid vacation etc. etc. I am just asking for this kind of "trouble" doing what I do."!!!! Lisa came back to the office and told me a patient of mine who I administer high dose vitamin C for cancer was waiting in the waiting room to see me, but was not on the schedule. I quickly looked up her chart and saw her. The woman who walked into my office was not the same woman I described in the initial visit. She has stage IV small cell CA of the lung, bones, brain etc. involved. She came in sick, weighing 90 pounds and was on palliative care only. That was five months ago. She weighed 112 pounds today, full of energy having just completed chemotherapy and continuing on immune therapy looking forward to living longer and taking in what life has to offer. I realized the answer to my question of why I continue to do this was sitting right across the desk from me.
I will try to be better and definitely expand my services and better serve my patients going forward. I have many new and exciting ideas coming along that I will share with you. See you soon!!!