Myer’s Cocktail IV for Cold and Flu Support

Every year about this time we get bombarded with cold and flu advice – what’s the best prevention, how best to treat ourselves when we get sick, what supplements to take, and my least favorite, what vaccination to get!

If you’re like those of us at Oaktree Wellness Center who prefer to take a more natural approach to health, you see prevention as building immunity with better diet, Vitamin D supplementation, handling our stress better with taking time out to meditate, pray, dance, spend time with our family, friends and pets, or just be in nature alone.

Something we have found to be beneficial from time to time, especially during the cold and flu season, is the Myer’s Cocktail IV. Pioneered by John Myers, MD, from Baltimore, Maryland, this treatment was used for a number of medical health challenges. Over the years it’s been modified a bit, with each physician tweaking it according to the needs of their patients. Used as both a preventive support as well as during an acute state, the Myer’s has become one of the most popular IV nutrient therapies available today.

Healthy patients typically choose to do Myer’s IVs because they greatly enhance feelings of well being and increased energy, sometimes lasting for a number of weeks.

For those with health challenges, Myer’s IVs are a form of nutritional support that may be helpful in a number of situations.

While each patient may have their own unique situations requiring additional nutrients, the original and most commonly used Myer’s cocktail contains the following: Calcium and Magnesium, Vitamin B complex including B5, B6 and B12, and Vitamin C. The IV itself can be administered over 10-15 minutes. This and the fact that it can be supportive for so many health conditions make it a preferred choice during the cold and flu season.

Many have found relief all year long when faced with allergies/asthma, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches.

Consider getting a Myer’s IV at our office (or better yet, a series of 4 or more) during this cold and flu season. But don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a crisis, get one now!