Mindfulness in the Mall?

I don’t know about you, but for the last number of years I’m lucky if I go to a large mall once a year. I’m not sure why – maybe because I’m older and just don’t care for the crowds. Or maybe it’s because everything in them has become so darn commercialized – I think the term is cookie cutter mall (meaning they all have the same stores with products made in third world countries where the people get paid next to nothing working their fingers to bone every day).

That said, I read another blog the other day titled “A Green Revolution at Our Nation’s Malls,” by Starre Vartan discussing the use of empty mall spaces as community space, sports centers or even green farms.

This got me thinking how wonderful it would be if we as a community became enlightened enough to actually network together and rent space to sell home grown food, crafts, gluten-free baked goods, or even services – all coming from a place of mindfulness!

As I follow trends of where things are moving in the future – I must say that many have discouraged me – except where community is involved. When communities come together we all come together – it’s known as the ripple effect. And in this case, it’s a very positive thing, one that I give a big thumb’s up to!

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Starre Vartan's article on Green Revolution in the Malls
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A Green Revolution at Our Nation’s Malls