From Farmer’s Field to Consumer

Excellent information from Good Food World describes how food products get from farm to store to consumer.

According to Gail Nickel-Kailing, the author of “You Get to Decide What to Eat, Right?”, our food supply chain is in reality a number of chains, with each of the meat, dairy, produce and other grocery item groups moving through a different process. The link below takes you to an article which focuses solely on the produce system. Future articles will focus on the other food groups as well as other grocery items.

Gail provides a wonderful visual, general in nature, of the steps involved in getting your produce from the farmer’s field to the grocery store. Within this process she describes how little the consumer is involved. Every step and all food items are predetermined by farmer, the government, food manufacturers and the retailers themselves.

For some enlightened reading, to to Good Food World and see for yourself:

You Get to Decide What to Eat, Right?