Environmental Medicine – A Bit About Our Mentor

We’re often asked what makes us different from any other physician in the Chicago area when it comes to Environmental Medicine. The answer: we trained with the best in the field! Yes, Dr. Tom Drost, MD, ND, FACS,and Lisa Drost both completed post-educational training with Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND, at Bastyr University in Washington. They’re also the only physicians in the state of Illinois who have completed his program and are able to offer the latest in treatments to their patients at Oaktree Wellness Center.

Considered the leading expert in the field of environmental medicine, Dr. Crinnion began the environmental class program at Bastyr University, and has extensively studied and taught about the effects of toxins in the body, caused by our surroundings. Dr. Crinnion also founded the Naturopathic Association of Environmental Medicine to provide board certification for practitioners. Well known in his field, Dr. Crinnion has been on television, written dozens of articles for peer-reviewed journals, and teaches how to lower the total body burden of toxins to restore health. Dr. Crinnion’s site is very informative. You can learn a lot about environmental medicine and sign up for his environmental medicine/health newsletter for free at: www.drcrinnion.com

You can learn more about Dr. Tom Drost, environmental and naturopathic medicine, as well as the services we offer, at the Oaktree Wellness Center at: www.oaktreewellness.com