Children and Lead Toxicity

No one can escape lead toxicity, but in a smaller body, the dangers are much greater. Among the side effects are lowering of test scores, ADD/ADHD, aggressive behavior, hyperactivity, nervous system and kidney damage, hearing loss, lack of muscle coordination and lifelong learning disabilities.

The best offense when it comes to lead toxicity is a good defense – knowing what’s in your kids’ toys, food, learning about product recalls and prevention in general. We already know about lead in toys from China, but did you know that certain candies from Mexico also contain lead?

A very informative site that stays current regarding lead is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Listed below is their Lead Prevention Tips page, which also includes a link to product recalls (this is very current and up to date).
If you’re wondering how kids are exposed and what you can do to prevent lead exposure, check out their link!

CDC Lead Prevention Tips